MIDPOINT Feature Launch

“MIDPOINT Feature Launch” a prestigious professional program for development of film projects is organizing its first session, in cooperation with the Macedonian Film Agency, from 10 to 16th of June 2017 at the Film Institute – Ohrid Film Academy located in Ohrid, followed by a second workshop, starting from 15 to 21 October and will take place in Prague. On both of the workshops 8 projects will participate, among which is selected “19”, by the Macedonian director Kosara Mitic.


Apart from the “MIDPOINT Feature Launch”, at the same time the workshop “MIDPOINT Intensive Macedonia” is held, where teams from the director and producer of 3 Macedonian projects, will work on creative development of the script and the production aspects of their films. This workshop is led by an experienced consultant for scriptwriting; also a professor at the department of Screenwriting at FIOFA, Pavel Marek and it is accompanied with plenary sessions and one-on-one meetings with an international team of experts from different areas of the audiovisual industry, such as Daniel Hocevar, Elma Tataragic, Gabriele Brunnenmeyer and Ognen Svilicic. Also one of the tutors of “Midpoint Feature Launch” is FIOFA’s Screenwriting program director Ivo Trajkov.

Midpoint 2

Our student from the Screenwriting department, Gazmend Izairi in collaboration with Senad Abduli is participating with their project under the name “Lost son of Pasha”. The rest of the Macedonian projects that are participating are: “Summer Sylvia”, Andrej Volkasin and Elena Stanisheva; “Snow White dies at the end”, Kristijan Risteski and Simeon Damevski.

MIDPOINT was conceived at FAMU Prague in 2010 with the aim of strengthening creative collaboration between writer, director and producer in the development process. In the years of existence, MIDPOINT has grown into a platform that provides several types of workshops designed to cover the area of film and TV dramaturgy and systematically to assist filmmakers during the entire development process.