FIOFA Video English subtitles

FIOFA is a new film academy, situated in Ohrid. It continues in the long tradition of the Prague Film and TV School (FAMU), the fifth oldest film school in the world. FAMU’s graduates include many influential filmmakers and scriptwriters, many known within international context as Oscar winners or laureates of international film festivals, e.g. Milos Forman, Emir Kusturica, Rajko Grlić, Agniezska Holland and many others. The FIOFA is the common project of FAMU, Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, based on agreements, signed by the rectors of AMU Ivo Mathe and Jan Hančil and the Prime minister of Macedonia Mr. Nikola Gruevski. The project makes part of the long term visions of AMU and FAMU for Ohrids Academy. The study program of FIOFA is based on the long tradition of FAMU and is tailored especially for this institution. All courses are guaranteed by FAMU teachers.