Real life testimonials from real life film students.

To see what former students of our teachers thought of their experiences here and also to see where they’ve got to since, have a look at our testimonials below. We’ve also added a few testimonials from students about their specific lecturers so you can see what tuition and guidance you can expect to receive!
Real life testimonials from real life film students.

  • Tomás possesses one of the most important qualities for a filmmaker and a mentor

    Tomás was my mentor in directing studies while attending FAMU. I specifically asked to study under him after hearing his remarks during screenings at the time of my first days of school. His remarks were clear-sighted and exciting. It was obvious that he was thinking seriously, and that his thoughts were original. As a mentor Tomás has the intelligence to recognize in his students where they are trying to go with their thoughts and projects, and to guide them according to this. He doesn’t impose his own taste or preference much, but rather helps you understand the direction and nature of your pursuit. Tomás possesses what seems to me one of the most important qualities for a filmmaker and a mentor. That is, a sensitivity and sharpness necessary to grasp the core of people and ideas.

    Elsa Rosengren
  • Tomas Doruska managed to give us the tools to affirm and improve ourselves

    During my one-year directing program at FAMU International, Tomas Doruska was my mentor. With three other classmates, I had a workshop with him once a week, where we discussed our projects in an environment based on sharing and mutual aid. In our four eclectic styles, Tomas Doruska managed to give us the tools to affirm and improve ourselves.
    As a mentor, he would bring me to ask myself the right questions and enrich my thought process so I could achieve what I wanted and find my own way. In point of fact, he gives a lot of importance to personalized follow-ups, as he reminded me each director creates his own rules and his own cinema.
    More then a talented director, Tomas Doruska is also a brilliant and involved teacher and mentor.

    Iris Chassaigne
  • Strong knowledge of editing

    Tomáš Doruška has a strong knowledge of editing and as such is very helpful for the mentoring of student’s projects. He has generously shared his strategies for developing projects from which I have learned a lot. Those strategies helped me develop into a greater professional in the field. I appreciate that he keeps contact with his previous students.

    Ana Alexovska
  • Mentor with a personal approach

    Tomáš Doruška is a mentor with a personal approach and focuses on the development of individual projects rather then messing over big crowds. He teaches and stresses the importance of film language over spoken word. As an editor he brings to the table a very important perspective on individual projects and helps you to tell a story and build a visual narrative.

    Haukur Hallsson
  • Understand the harmony between picture and sound

    What does really sound design means? From beginning of my studies we were always thoroughly taught to understand harmony between picture and sound (or should I write between sound and picture…?). This is what I now find one of the crucial step in film montage (montage, not “just” editing). Then during my studies and after in professional work I was fascinated how many people do not hear, or see or just do not want to see or hear together. Many people talk a lot about sound design, but what does it really mean? Ask Georgy Bagdasarov.

    Dominik Krutsky
    Creative Producing
  • How can one know what are the limits of an art form

    Studying filmmaking, or any other art discipline, is a relative matter. How can one know what are the limits of it – the limits of an art form, and the limits of the interpretation of an art form. What could be the exact knowledge, program, curriculum that can shape an artist – a creative force of the future? To think that there can be tests in some literal form, or certificates that can give you any assurance that you will be able to make films, would be more than naive. One needs to be so lucky, to meet a right mentor who can truly guide a student through the filmmaking process. A mentor who can pass his own experience to his students, and who can understand a student’s state of knowledge, consciousness and sensibility in a certain moment in time. Someone who can dismantle you when necessary, and who can help you pick yourself up from the ground and learn from the mistakes that you made. A mentor who can teach the alphabet of filmmaking, while understanding that every man carries his own poetry within, and who can help that man bring that poetry to the audiences. Ivo Trajkov is that kind of a rare genius, a mentor whose flexibility, honesty and intelligence will always be there to face you with yourself, day by day, project by project. And by doing so, he will make sure that you grow further.

    Ivan Marinovic
  • Helped me to better understand filmmaking

    Studying film under Ivo Trajkov was a great experience. He has a deep understanding of how movies work, has a exceptional dramaturgical approach and is very sensitive and understanding in communicating it all. He has definitely helped me to better understand filmmaking.

    Teodor Kuhn
  • What to do in every step, every specific moment of filmmaking

    What I find one of the most important knowledge of filmmaking, is to know, what to do in each phase of so variety process. What to do in every step, every specific moment of filmmaking. Starting from thinking about theme (why should I shoot this and not the other) decide what to do, when something goes not the way you anticipated (what happens every time, when you start recording), until the last step of your work (understanding what you have done). Tomas Petran was (and still is) one of the most important mentors for me, because he could (and still can) combine all fields of film making process in practice, as in theoretical way. And thanks to assisting him in a lot of variety works, I gained much higher outlook for thinking about my own projects.

    Dominik Krutsky
    Creative Producing
  • At the academy I learned a lot, most of it in Ivo’s classes

    As I was 15 years old I decided to study directing. But then, few years later I met Ivo Trajkov and realized, it will be much more valuable to study editing, but under Ivo´s influence. At the academy I learned a lot, but the true is most of it in Ivo classes. He is ready to help at any time you ask. He is friendly guy who has a natural authority. There are no doubts he is very good mentor and also a skilled, professional filmmaker. He will never change the story you are thinking about, he will just give you a clue how to make it work. Well, my personal experience? If you need a film doctor, go to Ivo. If you need a father, go to Ivo. He will help.

    Matěj Šámal
    Creative Producing